About Us


I opened Viva Diva in 1997 in Downtown San Rafael, north of San Francisco in beautiful Marin County, after starting in the business as a sales rep for several contemporary clothing lines.  

I loved the idea of establishing a creative, fashion-friendly environment reminiscent of visits with a close friend.  My goal was to create a space that I had not yet encountered, namely one that was fun, encouraging, honest, and “girlfriendy.”  

My assistant buyer and store manager, Bri, and I are constantly scouring the markets for upcoming looks and trends that will work for our Nor Cal ladies. We search for lines that offer the best-quality contemporary styles with the biggest bang for their buck. This gives Viva Diva a great balance of high quality and hot trends. 

Viva Diva is all about sexy, contemporary fashion, and a true “girlfriendy” vibe.  

Cheers, Amy

Lifestyle photos, Sasha Gulish Photography


Viva Diva Boutique, 1327 4th St., San Rafael CA 94901. Phone, 415.256.8380